Miguel Milá's reprints


Miguel Milá is undoubtedly one of the iconic figures of Spanish and world industrial design. He is one of those pioneering references for new generations that point the way to the future and inspire new generations to do something that lasts over time.

His beginnings in interior design together with his brother Alfonso and Federico Correa in the 50s, made him see the need for functional and practical furniture due to the absence of raw materials and means at the time.

Parting from Tramo, the versions of the TMC lamps of 1958 and TMM of 1961 came up, nowadays design classics, beyond fashions and novelties.

His designs, bringing tradition and practicality to the present day, have obtained an excellent performance overcoming the circumstances of the moment "thanks to having been born at a time when rigor and honesty were valued", says the author. 

Awarded with numerous prizes, tireless in his search for authenticity, Miguel Milá shows in Kendo his reeditions Porciones and María, called to be, as all his works, immortal works of industrial design.   

coffee table porciones cover

Porciones is a design with an intrinsically flexible and variable character. With its excellent proportions, it acquires a unique prominence in its diversity of morphologies and combinations that transmit elegance in the simplicity of the imperishable.


porciones composition oak side table modules
porciones composition coffee tables
coffee table porciones product description product set details

Maria with its magnificent transparency promotes visual lightness in all types of environments. Excellence and timelessness, marked by the formality of its materials, make it an essential of harmony and simplicity.

coffee table maria product description
coffee table maria product description product set details

"I don't conceive of works apart from people." 

Miguel Milá.

photo designer miguel milá