Discoh Design

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Discoh Design was founded in 2008 by Kiko Gaspar and Miguel Abarca after working together for eight years in Italy, Barcelona and Valencia.

Discoh Design's work is based on the concept of Industrial Design as COHerent DESIGN. The common denominator of their work is always the achievement of COHerent results, moving away from fashions and gimmicky designs, with the sole purpose of materializing objects that respond to a need.

Discoh Design understands design work as a tool to be applied in all phases of product development, from its initial conception to its manufacture, and for this reason and thanks to its training and multidisciplinary team, they carry out their projects following logical and COHerent development and manufacturing criteria.
Discoh, COHerent DESIGN.


coffee table rita


side table tab ciclograma white


side table zoe ciclograma


coffee table reflex white cyclogram


console beam white cyclogram


console beam white cyclogram

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