about kendo furniture and the passion for things well done

Passion for things well done

Our history began in Valencia (Spain) in the year 2000, as a company dedicated to the manufacture of designer furniture, and since then we have been accompanied by artisan techniques in all our designs.

Each Kendo piece is made with the intention of awakening sensations and achieving functionality within a space. For this reason, we take great care in what we work with, every raw material, every process and every detail.

We use natural, sustainable, handmade materials and use them to create honest pieces. We stand for long-lasting contemporary furniture to accompany us throughout our lives.

We are passionate about how people and spaces connect through design. We are totally client-focused, always listen to our clients' needs and try to live up to them, we like to build strong and long-lasting relationships with all of them.

Craftsmanship is the art of making objects by hand.

craftsmanship in every piece of furniture

Our master craftsmen combine traditional techniques with new technologies to create timeless, high quality items. We are committed to representing traditional practices in an ever-changing modern environment.

The experienced hands of our craftsmen make every detail of the designs possible, producing items destined to transform spaces through beauty.

kendo lacquered craftsmanship

Sustainable manufacturing for us, for everyone

Kendo is certified with ISO 9001:2015 for the design, manufacture and marketing of furniture in home and Contract (Bureau Veritas), as well as ISO 14001:2015 committing us to environmental protection through environmental risk management of our activities. We have different certifications on the treatment and finishing of wood that meet strict international controls such as FSC and PEFC, taking into account each link in the chain of custody.

All our furniture is 100% manufactured in Spain. We believe in designs built to last over time, pieces tested to meet the most demanding usage scenarios.

We use certified renewable raw materials in our commitment to the sustainability of the planet and the elimination of international timber smuggling. Other environmental commitments include the reduction of waste, the use of recycled paper and the consumption of green energy.

artisan furniture factory

Timeless designs for living

The success of Kendo's design comes from the hand of prestigious international designers. We are very proud to have all of them and their timeless designs that perfectly reflect our philosophy.

These designs are suitable for contract projects which, at the same time, provide the necessary warmth in home environments. We can find them in exclusive residential areas or in the best hotels and offices. We have also had the opportunity to transfer our essence to restaurants, shops, yachts, hospitals, schools and clubs, among others.

kendo our industrial designers

Present in more than 40 countries

We are a global brand that is committed to continuous improvement and we have quality certificates that comply with all the strict international and environmental controls.

Internationally renowned companies have chosen Kendo products for their facilities. We are proud to know that our products contribute to the well-being of many people, whether during a trip, a culinary experience or their working day.

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