Carlos Guijarro

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Carlos Guijarro (b. 1989 in Alicante, Spain) is an experienced industrial designer currently based in Berlin. His design ethos is driven by a commitment to experimentation and purity, drawing inspiration from the avant-garde movements that flourished throughout Russia and Northern Europe in the 20th century. At the heart of Carlos Guijarro's creative process is his devotion to noble and refined materials. His work reflects a skillful combination of formal geometries, seamlessly harmonizing traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge digital techniques.

Carlos Guijarro's professional career began with a background in Industrial Design at the Elisava School in Barcelona, where his passion for design took root. This pursuit led him to the renowned Domus Academy in Milan, where he received a coveted scholarship for advanced studies in Spatial Design. It was here that Carlos Guijarro honed his craft, graduated with distinction and prepared for an independent design career, which he embarked on in 2015. In 2017, he co-founded the esteemed OrtegaGuijarro Studio with Alejandro Ortega, maintaining his solo creative endeavors alongside this collaborative venture.

From this rich tapestry of experiences and successful collaborations, he ventured into a new chapter in 2022 by founding his own design studio. Here, he passionately explores the interplay between physical and digital spaces, continually pushing the boundaries of design at this fascinating interface. Carlos Guijarro's unwavering commitment to design integrity and his enthusiasm for seeking new creative collaborations shape his ever-evolving design journey.


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