Side table generated by simple geometries that highlight the value of its materials.
value of its materials. The round top rests on two columns that are inserted on both sides of a cylindrical base.
inserted on both sides of a cylindrical base.


A base of soft and sinuous shapes reminiscent of nature is the hallmark of the Stella table.
is the hallmark of the Stella table. Its combination with a circular top
with a circular top generates this unique collection.


Treviso's aesthetics resemble a sculptural work. The
are made up of sturdy bases and rounded tops that create an intriguing contrast
that create an intriguing contrast of volumes.


With references to both past and present, Rak can be interpreted as a rationalist architectural
be interpreted as a rationalist architectural narrative. The
hard angles and the overlapping and intersection of ash wood planks.
of ash wood.


A refined design, marked by the detail of the double line,
that creates a very special relationship between the legs and the top,
available in circular, rectangular or square shapes.


The nobility of its materials and the purity of its design are the essence of this
essence of the collection, tables capable of raising the level of any room.
any room.


The table provides a very attractive and personal visual play.
It offers a variety of finishes on the top to easily adapt to any environment.
easily adapt to any environment.


Lightweight and elegant tables that adapt easily to any environment, both in the home and in
environment, both at home and in contract projects.


From a T-shaped base, each one of the pieces is raised in a combination of noble materials
whose combination of noble materials such as marble, wood and lacquer,
will finally define the identity of the table.


Collection of coffee tables in which a subtle circular imprint on the top counterpoint the
counterpoint between its predominantly straight lines.
The end result is a functional and unique design.


Coffee tables that take us to a geometric universe of straight lines and planes
universe of straight lines and planes that connect with the architectural
architectural spaces of their surroundings.


The collection stands out for its great cabinet work. It is
original and different option for a singular space.


Coffee table with a characteristic volume, where it is possible to combine its exterior
combining the lacquer of its exterior finish with different finishes in the interior
in the interior openings.


The collection of tables achieves through simple lines an interesting twist on the
interesting twist. Its perfect combination with the materials used for the top and shelf
and the shelf make for an elegant and unique ensemble.


Its elegance and uniqueness, together with the nobility of its materials, place this collection
materials place this collection at the highest level of our products.


The table is characterized by its lightness and transparency. Not only does it
allows a full view of what is underneath, but it is able to highlight it, frame it.
capable of highlighting it, framing it.

Exo Round

The table collection is characterized by its simple elegance and functionality.
functionality. Its perfect combination with noble materials
and distinguished set.


It stands out for its enormous versatility, capable of adapting to any space and lifestyle.
space and lifestyle. The multiple combinations of materials
allow you to create a table for every type of environment.

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We manufacture unique, timeless and high-end furniture for contract and residential spaces. 

We manufacture unique, timeless and high-end furniture for contract and residential spaces.



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