Materials and finishes

Each Kendo piece is made with the intention of awakening sensations and achieving functionality within a space. For this reason, we are committed to noble materials, handcrafted processes and the care of every detail. Explore all the combinations of finishes we offer and personalise our designs.

coffee table detail toc by francesc rife

Wood and marble bring elegance and beauty, both together and separately they are materials that raise the level of any space. Find all the shades of oak, beech and walnut along with marble available in black and white.

coffee table detail duo by perezochando

Our master craftsmen combine traditional techniques with new technologies to create timeless, high quality items. We are committed to representing traditional practices in an ever-changing modern environment.

We stand for long-lasting contemporary furniture to accompany us throughout our lives.

exo coffee table product description product detail perezochando

You can also find other materials such as glass, compact slate or ceramic in some of our pieces. Continue to explore the many combinations that make our designs distinctive and versatile.

coffee table detail rita by antoni arola
side table detail reflex by discoh

We offer the possibility of creating multiple combinations of colours and finishes to personalise all collections.

Colour gives our designs a special personality. Lacquers can complement other materials such as wood to achieve a balanced and unique environment. In our range you can find neutral tones such as sand, stone or mink, and other more varied tones such as ocean, mist, tile, forest, olive or mint. Graphite, slate, white or black tones will help to play with the brightness of the piece.

materials and finishes olive forest
materials and finishes vison graphite
materials and finishes arena niebla