Miguel Milá

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Miguel Milá represents Spanish design like no other. A member of the generation of design pioneers of the 1950s, he has seen some of his furniture and lamps become true classics.

He began working as an interior designer in his brother Alfonso and Federico Correa's architecture studio. It was a time of crisis, at the end of the fifties, when hardly anyone knew what industrial design was.

Given the scarcity of objects, means and raw materials at the time, he soon began to design his own furniture and lamps, which he soon produced through his company, Tramo, set up with two friends, the architects F. Ribas Barangé and E. Pérez Ullibarri. Without realising it, he had turned his career towards industrial design.

Parting from Tramo (Trabajos Molestos), the versions prior to the famous TMC lamps of 1958 and TMM of 1961 came up, "timeless classics" that continue to be sold generations later. He later founded his own design and interior design studio.

He participated in the creation of ADI FAD along with André Ricard, Antonio de Moragas, Oriol Bohigas, Alexandre Cirici Pellicer, Manel Cases, Rafael Marquina and Ramón Marinel.lo, among others. Since its foundation, this association is dedicated to disseminating Spanish design abroad and connecting young Spanish professionals with the outside world.

Miguel Milá has played a fundamental role in the history of modern Catalan design. His work has been based on bringing tradition up to date: several of his pieces have outlived the circumstances in which they were produced and are still valid today, "thanks to having been born at a time when rigour and honesty were valued", says Milá. In 1987 he was recognised with the first edition of the National Design Prize and in 2008 he received the Compasso D'Oro in recognition of his professional trajectory and his contribution to the dissemination of Spanish design abroad.


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