Tables Toc in projects


The collection Toc collection is one of the unique pieces of interior furniture design. Its play of planes and its unique and elegant shape has earned it a place in numerous projects all over the world. Today, we present some of them.

Farsight, in Foshan City (China), is a project carried out by Francesc Rifémodern and avant-garde style. It is here that Toc participates of the timeless elegance necessary to join a space of such caliber, thanks to its unique versatility, this table can be integrated with extreme ease in any place, surpassing styles and fashions.

le touquet golf resort le touquet paris plage living room

Sa Font Seca, in Mallorca (Spain) is a different project, where light and nature play a more important role, hand in hand with the interior design provided by Negre, this collection mimics perfectly with a totally different space to provide its craftsmanship, morphology and functionality, plus, of course, its combination in different sizes. Once again, Toc meets and exceeds the expectations generated.

le touquet golf resort le touquet paris plage living room

Another room where the Toc tables have become an indispensable element of industrial furniture is in Nino Alvarez, Madrid (Spain). Thanks to its designer, Francesc Rifé, this collection integrates the necessary sobriety to make this innovative and novel project an aesthetic icon destined to become a classic of industrial and interior design.

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exo sofa back console dark finish detail

From kendo, we are pleased to be able to continue participating in unique and exclusive projects through this collection. Certainly, we wish to continue adapting ourselves to these original, singular and extraordinary ideas in order to continue and confirm the long trajectory that precedes us in time.