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Coffee table Toc

by Francesc Rifé

The mix of materials traces the personality of this new collection of warm-feeling tables.

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The designs are available in three sizes, all three work well together in a central space, as well as on their own in any corner of the room.

From a T-shaped base raises each of the pieces, whose combination of noble materials such as marble, wood and lacquer finally defines its identity.

coffee table toc product description francesc rife
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The Toc collection is all about personality and warmth.

Wide variety of finishes.

Customise it to your liking.

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TOC-45R ø45×52 cm

TOC-54R ø55×46 cm

TOC-64R ø65×40 cm


Top: Lacquer / Oak / Marble

Structure: Lacquer / Oak

Base: Thermo-lacquered black microtextured


Technical specifications

Cleaning and maintenance


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Francesc Rifé


Interior and industrial designer Francesc Rifé (Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, 1969) founded his studio in Barcelona in 1994. Influenced by minimalism and marked by a family history linked to craftsmanship, he articulates all his work around spatial order and geometric proportion.

Today, Francesc Rifé leads a team of professionals from different fields of design and his national and international projects range from interior design to industrial design, the creation of concepts, installations, graphics and art direction.


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