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Side table Zoe

by Discoh Design

Zoe is a bold, fun and different side table. It stands out for its metal handle that allows it to be moved easily, giving it a practical character.

side table zoe product description

Zoe is very useful in living rooms and contract spaces, it is a coffee table that combines practicality and decoration in a single concept.

Side table composed of a top and circular base in lacquered MDF and a lacquered metal structure. The wide variety of finishes that it offers allows an easy integration of the piece into any project.

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The Zoe collection gives you a fun touch for a different space.

Wide variety of finishes.

Customise it to your liking.



ZOE-55R ø52×53 cm




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Discoh Design

Discoh was founded in 2008 by Kiko Gaspar and Miguel Abarca after working together for eight years in Italy, Barcelona and Valencia. Discoh's work is based on the concept of Industrial Design as COHERENT DESIGN.

The common denominator of his work is always the achievement of COHerent results, moving away from fashions and gimmicky designs, with the sole aim of materialising objects that respond to a need.



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