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Discoh Design

The coffee table collection Reflex is composed of a circular top and a metal base. It proposes a visual play between two geometries, volumes and planes that allow it to adapt perfectly to its surroundings.

The top is available in lacquer, walnut, oak, ash, compact slate and statuary ceramic.. The base can be in black or white microtextured thermo-lacquered metal.

It is a piece capable of adapting to any space. The multiple combinations of materials make it possible to create a table for every type of environment.



Data sheet



Cleaning and maintenance

ø45 × H50 cm

ø55 × H47 cm

ø70 × H42 cm

ø100 × H42 cm

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Discoh Design

Discoh was founded in 2008 by Kiko Gaspar and Miguel Abarca after working together for eight years in Italy, Barcelona and Valencia. Discoh's work is based on the concept of Industrial Design as COHERENT DESIGN.

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