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Villa side table

by OrtegaGuijarro

The Villa collection generates a different visual play, transmitting an elegance that elevates any space. The Villa table is born with an aesthetic balance through the shapes, achieving a particular beauty.

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The table is available in various sizes, making Villa a versatile collection for any environment, whether in the home, office or hotel.

The essence of the Villa side table is its metallic structure in black thermo-lacquered lacquer, strips that intertwine between its legs giving the sensation of wanting to embrace each one of them. It offers the possibility of a tempered smoked glass top or tempered transparent glass to better adapt to each space.

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The Villa collection is elegance and aesthetic balance.

Wide variety of finishes.

Customise it to your liking.



VIL-45 ø45×55 cm

VIL-55 ø55×50 cm

VIL-74 ø70×45 cm

VIL-03 ø100×38 cm


Top: Clear tempered glass / Smoked grey tempered glass  

Structure: Thermo-lacquered black micro textured


Technical specifications

Cleaning and maintenance


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OrtegaGuijarro is a Barcelona-based design studio founded in 2017 by Carlos Guijarro and Alex Ortega. With backgrounds in Industrial Design (Elisava, Barcelona) and Interior Design (Domus Academy, Milan), the Spanish duo have established a unique and disruptive style.

His work is characterised by a simple and poetic aesthetic, with a constant search for the union between curiosity and technical innovation.