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Tria side table

by PerezOchando

Because of its uniqueness, the Tria side table has become an iconic piece. Its careful design together with the wide range of colours of its finish make the Tria table a unique object that captivates with its freshness and style.

side table tria product description

Tria is a table with apparently simple lines, but with a very interesting visual play thanks to the cavity formed by joining the three metal plates creating an original triangular silhouette that gives shape to the table.

Side table made of black or white microtextured thermo-lacquered metal or lacquer in any colour. A very light and original solution for a different project.

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The Tria collection stands out for its uniqueness, originality and freshness in any project.

Wide variety of finishes.

Customise it to your liking.



TRIA-55R ø50×50 cm



Thermo-lacquered microtextured black or



Data sheet

Cleaning and maintenance


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PerezOchando is a Valencia-based studio, the result of the collaboration between Claudia Pérez and Pedro Ochando, which combines two different profiles to take on creative projects that cover all areas of design. They develop projects in which design is a necessity to ask, from graphic design to furniture and lighting.

In addition, they work as lecturers at universities and give workshops on product design, and simultaneously collaborate with the innovation consultancy Lead to Change.




Madrid, Spain