Miguel Milá


Miguel Milá

Table composed of four triangular modules that function both together and separately, fulfilling the function of coffee table, side tables or auxiliary complements to complete the needs of each ambience.

It is a timeless design, endowed with excellent proportions that create unique and personal spaces thanks to the multiple combinations of its pieces and different finishes in oak and lacquer.

It is a variable and flexible table that can be a large table or four small ones . It gives play to varied compositions and allows different uses. Its original design makes iteasy to adapt to any space.



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100 x 70 x 38 cm

100 x 100 x 38 cm

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photo designer miguel milá

Miguel Milá

Miguel Milá represents Spanish design like no other. A member of the generation of design pioneers of the 1950s, he has seen some of his furniture and lamps become true classics.

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