Luis Arrivillaga


Luis Arrivillaga

The desk Beco brings great warmth to spaces thanks to its noble materials such as solid walnut or oak. The visual lightness in combination with impeccable craftsmanship achieves a minimalist design excellent for any modern interior. Its architecture gives it a unique personality.

The desk can be found in two different sizes making it very versatile for any type of room. It adapts perfectly to an office space or a hotel room where you are looking for a homey feeling. A very practical and original solution that thanks to its natural finishes brings warmth to the room.

It can be either fixed or have a lift-up lid at the top, adding storage space, with a sliding tray inside for organising and storing items.



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100 x 53 x H74 cm

130 x 53 x H74 cm

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Luis Arrivillaga

Born in Guatemala on 15 June 1980. In 2005 he obtained a degree in mechanical engineering at the University Rafael Landivar, he immediately travels to Milan where he will spend the next two years in a master's degree in industrial and interior design.

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