Product customization


Our long experience in the world of furniture design for the sake of its adjustment and customization to all types of spaces gives us great adaptability and versatility, in addition to the experience of those who have worked for all types of rooms nationally and internationally.

Starting from quality and diversity, from kendo, we have always tried to mold our designs and products to the most intrinsic desires of our customers. We know that aesthetic and functional designs are not enough to obtain success and that is why we provide all kinds of facilities to customize and adapt our furniture.

le touquet golf resort le touquet paris plage living room

From materials to finishes, we offer all our possibilities to provide the key pieces of the space you are looking for, all combined with the highest quality and craftsmanship of the noble raw materials we use in our productions.


rita bookcase and desk
exo sofa back console dark finish detail

Projects around the world, spaces of different roots and cultures, timeless rooms, diverse styles, elegance, craftsmanship and quality in all of them. From our origins, we seek to participate in the best ideas to create spaces as particular as unique, spaces that become masterpieces.

Multiplicity, variety, design, craftsmanship and commitment lead us to throw ourselves into any project or idea that can make us continue learning and growing hand in hand with our customers.

le touquet golf resort le touquet paris plage living room