By OrtegaGuijarro

coffee table villa portada

OrtegaGuijarro's work stands out for its simple and poetic aesthetics, with a constant search between curiosity and technical innovation. between curiosity and technical innovation. The Villa collection generates a different visual play transmitting an elegance that raises the level of any space.

Elegance in space

The Villa collection was born from the ambition of OrtegaGuijarro's ambition to create a piece that is both visually light visually and, at the same time, with a particular beauty.

coffee table villa side table

"The Villa collection was born with the idea of playing with aesthetic balance through shapes, as if the tension of a fabric were enough to give strength to the whole structure. The strips go from side to side, occupying the area of the base of each table and intertwining between its legs, giving the sensation of wanting to embrace each one of them. "


coffee table villa transparent glass ambient

Visual lightness

Villa tables can be easily adapted to any environment to the needs of any environment, whether in homes, offices or hotels.