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Valencia, design headquarters

Valencia Community displays high quality in design world. In particular, the Turia capital has been doing for long such a design, that the work of several professionals in the field has been recognized. Among these, we can mention some of the National Design Awards who come from the Community. They are Dani Nebot in 1995, Nacho Lavernia in 2012, as well as, in 1999, Javier Mariscal, designer of the brand image of Barcelona Olimpic Games ’92. One really representative example is National Design Award, in 2016, for Mario Ruiz, from Alicante. He is one of the most prestigious of design d’auteur in the national scene. Some firms from furniture and occasional furniture sector have also got national awards in companies’ modality.

Valencia’s design remains relevant in every of its fields. Certainly, these big successes in our creative sector precede the development of Valencia as important headquarters of world design.

Valencia, headquarters for European Design Awards in 2020.

Last Tuesday 11st June, it was known that our city would host the event in 2020, taking over Warsaw. This ceremony of European design awards traces back to Greece in 2007. In the last edition, some days ago, some designers from Spain and especially from Valencia were awarded. Among designer David Torrents from Barcelona, who got a Silver Laus in signage category, Valencian designers from Yinsen Studio and Democràcia Studio obtained awards in signage and packaging categories, respectively.

The European Awards will be organized by Association of Designers from Valencia Community (ADCV, from its Spanish initials), who have already spoken about a project for this date. Design exhibitions and workshops will take place, together with ‘design routes’ by the design studios of the city, in order to get to know this capital’s design. In fact, bid for European Design Awards is boosted by Valencia Convention Bureau, ADCV itself, and Associació València Capital Mundial del Disseny. It is revealed as a project which could serve as a bridge towards de World Design Capital title in 2022.

Valencia, World Design Capital in 2022.

Briefly after knowing that the city would be the headquarters for the European Design Awards, this piece of news came: Valencia is the only European finalist to be World Design Capital in 2022, competing against Bangalore, India. World Design Organization (WDO) made it public once they had communicated it to the Valencian delegation. This is the first step of a more complex way, which will end in October with the final decision of the city which will hold the title.

Valencia’s project rises from the initiative of some designers and entrepreneurs who form the Associació València Capital del Disseny (Valencia Design Capital Organization), led by designer Marisa Gallén from Gallén+Ibáñez. In December 2018, this recently funded organization launched the bid to get this distinction, which is granted every two years. It is indeed given to a city for the use of design as an activity which leads economic, social and cultural development. However, the objective is to put design into public concern and make it an agent of urban innovation, whether the title is achieved or not. Therefore, as they say in the Associació, <<we are not producing an event, but activating a process>>. The project is directed by designer Xavi Calvo, from Studio Menta, and Pau Rausell, director at Econcult (University of Culture Economics Research). Its funding is mainly private, but it counts on two subsidies from Local Government and Generalitat (Community’s Government).

The candidature.

The project counts on support from Local Government, Generalitat and several companies. However, even if the process is activated from the city of Valencia, it’s expected to include Alicante and Castellón as well. It is indeed about powering the whole Valencian territory and promoting its design and the rest of Spanish design worldwide. After its launch in December, the bid obtained the unanimously approval in the plenary session last January. Next step is in July: different WDO representatives will visit Valencia to get to know its design and its project. Final decision will be public on 11st October this year. According to Xavi Calvo, this date is an advantage for being next to Valencia Design Week (VDW) and Habitat Fair. Therefore, the exposed project is perceived as an elongation of VDW, giving rise to events all along the year.

The axis around which the bid is constructed is the Mediterranean, bridge between different cultures. Using it, it is to make a difference from Lille, France, city which will have the title in 2020. Given this, in July, members of WDO will travel to a city which holds the motto ‘The Mediterranean design of Valencia. Design for change, design for the senses’.

Designers from Valencia.

In furniture sector in Valencia, some companies advocate for design and cultural innovation. Kendo is specialised in occasional furniture, coffee and end tables, and invest in design d’auteur in every of our products. Therefore, thanks to collaboration with designers of recognised prestige, a lot of them from Valencia Community, we take care of every detail and pursuit highest quality. It is an artisanal work on first quality materials, where details make difference.

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