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Kendo tables in the rooms of the Summum Hotel


Kendo Mobiliario has participated in the restoration project of the Summum Hotel in Palma de Mallorca designed and directed by interior designer Elvira Blanco Montenegro.

This work has shown, once again, that the pieces made by this Valencian company are versatile and functional, with a personal style in the most sophisticated environments.

The Hotel Summum Prime Boutique Hotel ***** is an exclusive hotel, with exquisite and totally personalized attention. Its avant-garde design and a conceptual atmosphere make this “five stars” hotel a unique experience.

The Hotel Summum, located in a Gothic building built in 1576, is immersed in an area rich in art and culture called ‘la milla de oro mallorquina’, an area of ​​high cultural value in which the Es Baluard Museum of Contemporary Art is located. The Gothic Cathedral, the Culture Center of Palma “Sa Nostra”, the Baroque Church “La Concepción” as well as numerous art galleries and typical courtyards of Mallorca.

The 18 rooms, as well as the different lounges, have been designed by the prestigious interior designer Elvira Blanco, who has managed to combine modernity with original elements such as the paved floor, the doors and windows.

The interior designer has counted for these exclusive rooms with the table model Yoshi (Discoh). An element with which the room, in classic style, acquires a more avant-garde and modern air.

This model of occasional table has also been included for the enjoyment of its visitors in the entrance hall and other similar areas.

The Yoshi table belongs to a collection in which a circular top rests on a network of curved metal rods. Its main attraction is its enormous versatility, able to adapt to any space and lifestyle. This versatility that has been evident in the different rooms of the luxurious hotel.

The Yoshi table top is available in lacquer, walnut, oak, smoked grey mirror, smoked bronze mirror or black glass; and the metal legs can be lacquered, in chrome or brass. The possible combinations are personalized according to the preferences or the needs of the client.

The collaboration of Kendo Mobiliario in the Summum hotel joins a wide list of hotel projects in which the brand has participated with one or several pieces of its original collections.

Therefore, Kendo continues working in the field of the occasional table betting for the design, the personalization of the product, new materials and the highest quality standards; helping architects, decorators and interior designers from around the world who find in them the perfect product for their project.

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