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Design dans les bureaux

When staying in a hotel, whether it is for leisure or work, we all want to feel at home. We seek comfort, warmth and inspiring visual aesthetic. Design is the key factor, interior design and each piece of furniture’s design.

For that reason, more and more hotels, as well as tourist apartments, focus decidedly on design as a factor of differentiation and significant added value capable of delighting guests, making your stay an unforgettable experience.

Kendo specializes in furnishing contract and public use spaces with design d’auteur providing a sophisticated, innovative and fresh essence, being comfortable at the same time, in all kind of environments.

As an evidence, we can refer to the projects we have recently launched, which combine hotels and apartments, and which highlight our designs’quality, as well as our flexibility to adapt to the specific nature of each space.


Thus, the apartments Sa Pedrera Suites of Formentera, located at the Espai 31 studio in Barcelona, deliver the Mediterranean essence of the island indoors. Light fuses with design and straight lines of Vera tables by Serafín Redondo, in the resting areas and in the cafeteria, while Yohsi from Discoh finds its place in the bedrooms.


That circular cap collection, which is resting on a network of curved metal rods, can suit every lifestyle and any space, such as the lobby of the Hotel Melià Jardines Teide, designed by Requena and Plaza. This lobby has also been equipped with TAB side tables, tde Discoh design, combining a circular cap on legs made of solid wood.


From the Canary Islands to the Balearic Islands, at Casa Virrey Hotel in Palma de Mallorca, the studio Elvira Blanco Montenegro Interiorismo has relied on three of our product lines to furnish its suites, Frida and Lotta tables and Step console.

Step by Francesc Rifé amazes with its elegance, functionality and irregular silhouette that blends strokes and basic plans. And Frida, whose author is Estudio Kendo, emerges from the combination of a round cap, including different options, together with a microtextured thermolacquered metal column.

Regarding Lotta by Antoni Arola, using an elegant formal structure, it heightens the nobility of its materials.


In Alfás del Pi (Alicante), carried out by Elvira Blanco Montenegro Interiorismo once again, the Kendo catalogue spreads out its possibilities via the product lines Grey, Tek, Mix and Orot. It is certainly a sure bet to cover the design in every element from interior design.

The Grey console by Francesc Rifé is composed of a rear panel with grey smoke mirror and a drawer of the same material that distils sophistication, while the Orot consoles by Sergio Rochas overlap planes and materials to create an attractive set.

Vicente Gallega signs the Tek and Mix tables included in this project. These are two proposals combining right angles with metallic structures of chromed or thermolacquered tube, being innovative and cozy at the same time.


Looking beyond, for instance to the American continent, Kendo products have found their own space at Hotel H10 in Mexico, supervised by interior designer Lázaro Rosa Violán, while Casa Design has chosen our products for its Hotel AC by Marriott in Miami.

Van tables of Francesc Rifé show versatility and elegance in the restaurant at Hotel H10, while Kobo, the set of coffee tables by Héctor Diego, decorate the lobby of the AC by Marriott hotel. It is based on a system of pure lines and harmonised proportions providing many different options, being capable of adapting to any environment.

This is a versatile design combining in a balanced way innovation, vanguard and warmth, along with the qualities of our catalogue, which is suitable for the trends that characterize interior design, thanks to its design, quality and materials.

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