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Participation of Kendo in the Ricard Camarena Restaurant in Valencia

Kendo Mobiliario is present at the Ricard Camarena Restaurant in Valencia thanks to its VAN coffee table model.

This restaurant is one of the most stylish restaurants in the capital of the Levant and where, thanks to the designer Francesc Rifé, it is possible to find the Van table, one of the most requested models in the Kendo catalog.

This innovative interior design project was created by the designer Francesc Rifé and is part of the project promoted by the Per Amor Foundation to L’Art that has rediscovered and converted the old Pumps Gens factory into a great art center in the Valencian capital.

For the designer Francesc Rifé, this work has been: “A challenge for the studio not only because of its Art Deco aesthetic, but also because architecture presented certain design challenges: creating a space-a restaurant-based on non-space”. , pointed out that the design of the restaurant is “in balance” with the gastronomic proposal of Ricard Camarena, a “pure” cuisine, which visually seems uncomplicated, but that transmits an infinity of sensations “. An “easy to read space that hides many surprises”, as the designer himself explained when referring to work.

Van coffee table: a commitment to personalization and fusion with the environment.

Van coffee table is a solid walnut or beech wood table with an internal ceramic, beech, walnut or lacquer top.

The Van coffee table has a large capacity for personalization and we can also find it in different colors within its wide range of proposals.

Thanks to this great variety of options we can integrate the table in different environments creating original and harmonic environments.

The Van coffee table is a table model that fits perfectly into the design of the restaurant and which in turn forms a perfect assembly with the personality of chef Ricard Camarena and his culinary proposals.

“A very personal kitchen, simple in appearance but complicated in its preparation”.

Van Table: design by Francesc Rifé

The Van table is an original proposal by Francesc Rifé. The Catalan industrial designer and interior designer wanted to combine simplicity, functionality and design in this object. A proposal that is very close to minimalism and that recreates one of the constants of the designer, geometry.

Rifé has worked on numerous national and international projects. Proposals that have won numerous design awards such as the Contract World Awards, the Red Dot, ICFF Editors Awards, the HIP Award in Chicago, the FAD Awards and several ASCER awards.

His works are studied in schools and universities as an example of good resolution.

That is why today he gives workshops, conferences and courses all over the world.

Since 1994 he also directs his own design studio in Barcelona, ​​where he continues to develop very unique interior design ideas. Some of them, such as the aforementioned Van table, which is part of the Kendo Mobiliario catalog.



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