The Naruk collection by Vicente Gallega has been extended with new typologies: desk and coffee table. The play of inclined planes with subtle and apparently simple lines has been maintained. The new designs feature noble materials such as walnut, oak or lacquer to bring warmth to the spaces.

Naruk desk

The Naruk desk has a perfectly studied arrangement of the angles and folds that make this piece not only cover the practical function, but also make it an object of easy coexistence in different environments at the same time that it is an aesthetic icon, thanks to its great personality in the forms and noble materials.

Naruk coffee table

The Naruk table transports us to a geometry of folds and angles, creating a balance that evokes subtlety, character and simplicity. Its seemingly light set of inclined planes makes it blend in perfectly with its surroundings, while at the same time giving the space a great deal of personality.