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News in our contract catalogue

We have a catalogue with products which are specially thought for contract, and we present you the novelties here. By means of this document, as design furniture manufacturers (coffee and end tables, console tables…), we offer an extension of materials, finishes and models which complet our general catalogue.

Our objective is to show the continuously evoluting offer at Kendo. It is appropriate considering the last trends and our client’s projects and necessities.

Every project which is shown in the new catalogue reflects our essence. Its polyvalent use lets it be arranged for both home spaces and contract projects.

In this catalogue, we also display the last news. You can find in this version Idra and Exo end tables, designed by PerezOchando; Mei end tables by Kendo Studio; Temps coffee table by Vicente Gallega; and new finishes and materials for Beco console table by Luís Arrivillaga, and for Totem TV cabinet by Gabriel Teixidó.



IDRA end tables

This round coffee table collection consists of a round top with different finishes (lacquered MDF, veneer…) and a thermo-lacquered metal base. These metal rods in the base make the piece look lighter. Among the different finishes for the tops of these end tables 13 lacquer colours, HPL with slate finish or five veneer varieties can be chosen.

IDRA end tables


EXO end tables

Exo is a collection of end tables with simple lines whose main feature is the metallic structure. Its shapes are geometric but smooth. The variety of colours for the tops, in lacquered MDF, creates a great quantity of combinations. The collection also allows modifying the size of the tables.

PerezOchando has in fact taken his inspiration from the “external structures or exoskeletons that support many animals’ bodies”. This gave rise to a system of end tables whose structure is in full sight and has indeed become their defining feature.

EXO end tables

TEMPS coffee table

The contrast between table tops’ sinuosity and structure’s angularity in Exo end tables is aesthetically the opposite of the continuous and suggestive lines of Temps by Vicente Gallega. This coffee table collection has smooth shapes which define an elegant, timeless piece with lots of personality. Thanks to its character and variety of finishes and measuresments, this is a highly versatile piece, whose most striking feature is its marble top which is available in black and white.

The contribution of local artisans to the production of the piece includes the marble, which blends in with the noble and quality materials of these coffee and end tables, which also include solid wood.

“We were inspired by the lines of time itself, with its ups and downs yet always continuous until it ends,” according to Vicente Gallega.

TEMPS end tables

Vicente Gallega and PerezOchando are two of the many designers on whom Kendo relies to transmit taste for detail, care and pursuit of excellence. So Exo and Temps are two different universes which mean the same commitment to design.


MEI end tables

The end tables of the collection Mei, by Kendo Studio, consist of a round top in lacquered MDF, veneer or HPL, and a thermo-lacquered metallic base.

MEI end tablesMEI end tables


New finishes and materials

The desks or end tables Beco, already offered in natural wood, can be found now in lacquered MDF as well. In this new version, top is always fixed.

Our Contract catalogue also displays new finishes and dimensions for the TV cabinet Totem. This piece in lacquered MDF, which can spin 360º, is offered among our novelties with the shelves and base in black thermo-lacquered metal.

BECO end tables



Our catalogue lets know all products by Kendo for contract as well. We are talking about collections of end tables, desks, dining tables… which are the result of 20 years improving as a company thanks to our bet for design and innovation. We bet on sustainability, for we work with certified renewable prime materials. We trust in talent and technology, and collaborate with professionals of prestige. These are architects, designers or interior designers such as Antoni Arola, Discoh, Francesc Rifé, Gabriel Teixidó, Héctor Diego, Luis Arrivillaga, PerezOchando, Serafín Redondo, Sergio Rochas and Vicente Gallega.

Through our new catalogue, we make it possible to access to all the technical information of each piece. You can also get information about the materials and finishes used in every piece (lacquer, wood, marble, ceramic, HPL, glass…).


One of Kendo’s greatest values is customization, together with our ability to adapt to client’s necessities, recommendable for projects with personalized dimensions, materials and finishes. We count on huge experience in development of designs, plans and budgets. That is why it is so useful for the client to access to the whole variety of products that we offer.

In Kendo, as leader auxiliary furniture manufacturers (coffee tables, end tables, console tables, mirrors, TV cabinets, modular shelves and tables…), we offer author design. We work with innovation, quality materials, care for the details during manufacturing process and respect for the environment. We search for author design, as well as for innovation which incorporates functionality, and we facilitate personalizing the products. Everything is done with continuous motivation to achieve client’s satisfaction.

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