Totem by Gabriel Teixidó

18. FEBRUARY. 2021

TV furniture Totem

Totem is a television support unit that can rotate 360º. It comes in various sizes to adapt to any space, whether at home, in an office or in a hotel.


The Totem support panel is lacquered MDF, the shelves and the base cover are made of black thermo-lacquered metal or stainless steel. The variety of finishes of the television cabinet allows unique combinations that achieve spaces with a lot of personality.

The back cover can be removed, giving access to the interior of the furniture, where the cables, power strips and their connections can be collected.


Totem can be found in three sizes.

  • 125 x 42 x 136 cm
  • 148 x 42 x 150 cm
  • 160 x 42 x 150 cm


Lotta by Antoni Arola

04. FEBRUARY. 2021

Table Lotta

Lotta is a collection of side tables and coffee tables. Thanks to the great combination of noble materials such as marble, walnut and beech, and the purity of its design, we find a piece capable of elevating any room.

Lotta es una colección de mesas auxiliares y mesas de centro. Gracias a la gran combinación de materiales nobles como el mármol, nogal y haya, y la pureza de su diseño, encontramos una pieza capaz de elevar cualquier estancia.


The collection Lotta stands out for its elegance and its formal structure. The union of the legs with the top creates a combination of living and organic shapes. The detail of their songs and the encounters on the envelope are the essence of Lotta.

The tables can be customized in either white or black marble, lacquer or even walnut. Its legs can be walnut or beech.


Lotta is found in six different sizes, three of them as a side table and the remaining three as a coffee table. This makes Lotta a suitable collection for any room due to its great versatility.

  • ø120 x 38 cm
  • ø100 x 38 cm
  • ø70 x 45 cm
  • ø65 x 65 cm
  • ø55 x 55 cm
  • ø55 x 45 cm