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Design in offices

Now that we have returned from the latest edition of Orgatec, the leading international fair for the office, we are pleased to observe how the trends continue to emphasise the importance of design in all spaces, aware of the added value it provides to a company’s image, especially on first sight.

This is why designer furniture products are increasingly being used to adorn meeting areas in companies around the world. Law firms, fashion houses and banks, among others, have opted to introduce designer furniture in vestibules and receptions, spaces that welcome the visitor and which transmit, thanks to design, the professionalism of a brand.

In this respect, design acts as a fantastic tool for change, as a decisive factor to describe the essence of a brand and its distinction, both inside the offices and in the reception area, the first impression for any visitor. At Kendo, design is an essential value that we apply in each one of our proposals for occasional furniture, and which therefore forms part of important international firms. Let us give you some examples.


















For example, the law firm Kingsley Napley of London has created a warm yet sophisticated ambience, in which the colours of the armchairs find their ideal complement in the noble materials of the Lotta collection by designer Antoni ArolaA space that transmits efficiency and creativity at the same time. And in which the purity of the formal structure of Lotta, with its wooden structure and its white marble top, fits like a glove.

















Staying in the British capital, technological innovation and contemporary design are allied in the facilities of the software company Algomifacilities that transmit commitment and a vision of the future, starting with the reception which conjugates black, white and sky blue in furniture and structures. An ambience that transmits avant-garde and wellbeing and which has been equipped with one of our Rita tablesin ecru and black, which provides its characteristic touch of distinction.

“These new offices exactly express the vision and values of Algomi by creating an inspiring and open-minded ambience, in which employees feel cared-for and at home,” explains the chairman of Algomi, Michael Schmidt, regarding this project.


















The Rita table has also become the focus of attention at the London headquarters of the biopharmaceutical company Stallergenes Greer, specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies. The remodelling of its offices has managed to conjugate its industrial essence with a refined and inspiring style. The honey tones and warm light are complemented by the sheen that emanates from this occasional table by Antoni Arola. A space that transmits subtlety and serenity.


















London is an international design centre, but this same design is being implemented at a steady pace in countries and markets around the world. From the United Kingdom we travel to Spain, to the offices of LinkedIn in Madrida stimulating, colourful and inspired working environment in which design is the predominant note.

And where our Yoshi and Tria chairs fit in perfectly, both very versatile and elegant and designed by Disco and PerezOchando, respectively.

















Our journey through design now takes us to Dubai and two projects with innovative aesthetics. The law firm Allen Overy has luminous offices, enriched with iconic design pieces such as our Plat table by Antoni Arolawhich reveals all its attractiveness and quality in the initial waiting area.


















And if Chanel  is synonymous with sophistication and haute couture, its offices in Dubai must live up to this reputation. And the rest area, which receives visitors to this temple of fashion, manages to transmit this commitment to design, combining creativity and functionality. A clear exponent of this duality is our Tray table by Antoni Arola. An avant-garde, stylised and modern piece that exudes design on all sides.

These are some of the latest projects that we have equipped at Kendo, contributing with our products to create the ambience of distinction that is so necessary for these brands.

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