Gabriel Teixidó

He defines himself as “quite” an industrial designer, incapable of working simply for the gallery. Gabriel Teixidó (Barcelona, 1947) is a smart guy, apparently distant from fashion, who gives the impression of being outside of things, working from home, alone, and a lot. Since he left the School of Applied Arts and Artistic Crafts of Barcelona and set himself up as a freelance in 1970, he hasn’t stopped designing. He says he’s lost count of his designs and presumes that most of them have been profitable for the companies which have produced them.
His discretion and efficiency have made him an eternal survivor within a profession that is quite used to renewing its crop of designers at the drop of a hat. Teixidó is a designer who stays close to the companies he works with, and they seem to appreciate the austerity of his proposals and his quiet demeanour. As he would say, he’s slow but sure. His most long-lasting specialities are upholstered furniture, office furniture and lighting. In chairs he has also accumulated quite a lot of experience, and Andreu World is one of the manufacturers who remain faithful to him. This combination has produced various chairs, such as Aída and Barceloneta, in addition to the Apta and Clónica models, which were one of the first experiences of this Valencia company’s incursion into plastic materials.

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