EXO and Temps, different universes for the same commitment to design.

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At Kendo we are now enriching and expanding our catalogue of signature furniture with new proposals for designer side tables: EXO and TEMPS, two contrasting and complementary universes at the same time.

exo kendo furniture collection blog

EXO Side Tables and Coffee Tables


EXO was born from the imagination of PerezOchando as a collection of side tables with simple lines in which the metal structure takes centre stage.

EXO, which borrows its name from the term 'exoskeleton', is characterised by geometric yet soft shapes. The variety of colours of its tabletops, available in lacquered MDF, allows us to generate a large number of combinations. Each wooden side table has a thermo-lacquered metal structure that forms an external skeleton to the tabletops.

PerezOchando was inspired precisely by the "external structures or exoskeletons that support the bodies of many animals". This gave rise to a system of side tables and coffee tables whose structure is visible and becomes their defining feature.

exo kendo collection black glass blog furniture
exo kendo collection black glass blog furniture

Temps Coffee Tables


The contrast between the sinuous top and the angular structure of the EXO side table is aesthetically contrasted by the continuous, insinuating lines of Vicente Gallega's TEMPS.

This is a collection of side tables and coffee tables with smooth, continuous shapes that create an elegant, timeless piece with personality.

Due to its character, design, variety, finishes and measurements, this is a very versatile piece, in which its marble stone top stands out, available in black and white.

The marble fits in with the noble, quality materials of these designer side tables, which include solid wood in a structural way, and which brings local craftsmanship to the making of the piece.

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Vicente Gallega and PerezOchando are two of the long list of designers in whom Kendo trusts to transmit in each product its taste for detail, care and the search for excellence.