Consoles for behind the sofa


Following the line of stylish, elegant and timeless design, from kendo we have always opted for versatile ideas where the furniture provides a point of design that without standing out too much provides prominence to the space, that is why our consoles behind the sofa perfectly meet all these characteristics.

From a wide variety of materials and variety of materials and finishes and different shapes and morphologies, the Rita Lite Exo consoles and Rita Lite perfectly distinguish the space both in the home and in installations.

console behind sofa exo cover

Exo offers the visual lightness of its lightweight structure, combined with the shelf and lid, available in different finishes and materials. Its rounded shape makes it a universal element adaptable to many rooms.

le touquet golf resort le touquet paris plage living room

Rita Lite leads to a visual game, which based on technical innovation allows to raise the level of space, with gray smoked glass on the top and various finishes for the base, this console is destined to become an aesthetic icon of industrial design.

console behind sofa rita sofa black glass detail

These timeless proposals are an indispensable element that with their uniqueness and personality go to the essence of the exact balance between aesthetics and functionality, always giving elegance to the environment.